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Avoid the standard designs with custom work!

orlando glass, Orange County Glass Specialty Designs

Are you tired of seeing the same glasswork designs when looking for showers, mirrors or other products? Avoid giving in to the pressure of conformity and use specialty design to create exactly what you want in your home or business.

With ample experience in the Central Florida Area, Orange County Glass creates all types of designs in a variety of structural environments. Through specialty materials, such as patterned, reflective and beveled products, Orange County Glass makes exceptional designs that can create a feel of exclusivity to homes or commercial buildings in the area.

Through consulting services, Orange County Glass can pinpoint what you are looking to achieve with your design and create projects that are completely unique to you. Once discussed, you can expect a timely response period for your specialty design production and installation.

Orange County Glass brings innovative specialty design services to the Central Florida Area. Use the menu above to learn more about other services or contact us today for a quote on your next project.